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Why is tax time so stressful?

As an accountant with over 30 years of experience, most of it working on other people's taxes (my own always seem to take a back seat), I've had my share of stress. Deadlines creep up and if you're not prepared, they hit you like a freight train.

But why does this happen? It all comes down to being unprepared. People don't know what they need to keep or throw away. They don't know what they can deduct. Or what to charge sales tax on, and at what rate. Then they fall further and further behind on their books. And then getting everything done looks like a massive, stressful - and expensive - race against the clock. You're competing against other clients for the time and attention of a stressed out and exhausted accountant working 20+ hour days.

Sound familiar?

Everything I just described is completely avoidable with the right process.

Balance changes all of that. As a Balance client, your books are already done within a week or two of your year end. You get a very early picture of your profitability and how much tax you could expect to pay. During the year, we ask questions real-time, so there is no more waiting until months after a transaction to ask you what it was. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time remembering what I ate for lunch, never mind what a transaction from last February was.

Tax time shouldn't be stressful. Let us show you how.

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