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It's more than just books.

Updated: Jul 2

We all know and understand that up-to-date books are important. So are tax returns filed on time and filed correctly.

Up to date books provide a great way to measure your past performance. Properly filed tax returns keep you in good standing (and out of trouble).

But what about all the tasks and routines that go into operating a successful and profitable business?

What about the things that help small businesses project future results? Business changes? Different strategies and marketing efforts?

These things are equally important:

  • Accounts payable optimization and operation. When and how you pay your bills helps you to maximize discounts and your own cash flow.

  • Payroll and contractor payments - figure out both the timing of these payments, and what the ideal structure or mix of payments might be for YOUR business and YOUR unique profile

  • Future cash flow projections - how to build "what if" scenarios, and identify what the scenarios should and could include

Talk to us about how we can help with these. We're here to support you!

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